What’s for breakfast today is waffles! Again, this requires some planning ahead but having waffles already made makes breakfast a snap. I just discovered the raised waffle recipe in Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz but most any waffle recipes works for making them ahead. I usually make a batch of waffles once a week and just stick them in the fridge, I don’t even bother freezing them because they get eaten so quickly. The trick is to make sure they don’t get too brown and crispy so when you toast them they can get a little browner without ending up overcooked. The beauty of the raised waffle is that the batter sits in the fridge overnight so if you find yourself with enough time in the morning to make waffles, your batter is already made. This is another great recipe I have used many times, the batter is made in the blender and is ready in minutes with very few ingredients.