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Wow, can you believe it…4 days and I haven’t cracked open a box of cereal yet! Today’s menu was drop biscuits with jam and a banana pumpkin smoothie. I used the Basic Biscuit recipe from  100 Best Vegan Bak­ing Recipes but there are certainly no shortage of biscuit recipes out there. I like this recipe because it uses half whole wheat pastry flour and is really a perfect balance of moistness and crispness and the dough comes together super fast. Here’s the game plan: First thing is get the oven preheated then start the dough. If your oven is anything like mine (old and dying) your biscuits will be already to go before the oven is even ready. Once you get the biscuits in the oven get the smoothie going. Easy peasy, breakfast is ready in about 15 minutes! Or just make the biscuits the night before and toast them. I didn’t try the smoothie but the kids loved it and it smelled just like pumpkin pie. Biscuits are great with blueberry jam. Yum.