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You would think that my kids would have oodles of fond memories of spending quality time with ‘ol mom in the kitchen, right? Well, I have a little confession…I’m just a wee bit anal retentive about my kitchen and my early attempts at cooking with my kids almost always ended with me screaming about inaccurate measurements and improper whisking techniques and them storming off in tears. They were pretty much demoted from kitchen helpers to just spatula lickers at a very young age. For years I guess I missed the point a little and figured we should at least end up with something edible if we were going to go to the trouble of baking, but in retrospect the focus should have been on the process instead of the final product. Just another item on my “Failures as a Mother” list I suppose. Anyway, my point is my daughter is now 9 and she loves to cook, so slowly but surely I am trying to mend my ways and get her involved in the kitchen more. We made these wonderful Pecan Date cookies yesterday and nobody screamed or cried (this is pretty much my guideline to gauge if anything is a success or not) and she could do just about the whole thing herself, a victory in my book!

This recipe is great for many reasons but is especially great for kids because the whole thing can be done in the food processor and they are tasty little cookies too. The recipe can be found here.

Penny workin’ it in the kitchen!