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I think this qualifies as more of an idea than a recipe but it is a great sandwich to have ready at the end of a hot (so very hot!) day. First cut off the top third of a round loaf of bread (I use the peasant loaf from Trader Joe’s) and hollow out the bottom and top (the leftover “innards” of the bread is perfect for making croutons), it should look something like this:

Then fill it up with yummy things you like, mine was a layer of pesto, a layer of roasted eggplant, a layer of roasted zucchini and squash, another layer of roasted eggplant, a layer of of few cups of salad greens, then I sprinkled the whole deal with some balsamic vinegar. On the top portion of the bread I spread a layer of olive tapenade and a layer of roasted bell peppers. It should look something like this when it is stuffed:

The sandwich should be very full and you should compress the layers down as you go. Carefully replace the top portion of the bread and wrap the sandwich in a few layers of plastic wrap. Refrigerate the sandwich for several hours with a heavy weight on top, like a cast iron skillet. When you are ready to eat very carefully slice into 6 or 8 wedges.