I have a confession, I very frequently spend large amounts of time typing up posts that have nothing to do with food, and then I delete them. Why would I engage in such a time wasting activity you ask. No idea. So just for fun today I decided to actually post such a rambling.

For some reason a random sampling of a few hundred notes from my Junior High days has survived about 25 years and 8 moves and is basically the only thing I have left of that period in my life. Why I have held onto them I’m not really sure. Junior High for me was really the best and worst time of my life and I look at these notes as a sort of connection to the past.  I feel like I became who I am during those years and I love to revisit those days every so often by pulling out some of these notes. Junior High was when I learned about boys, alcohol, cutting school, sneaking out, lying, loyalty, betrayal and most importantly friendship. In fact my very best friends that are still a huge part of my life today, I met in Junior High. I’m glad I came of age in the 80’s before technology had taken over. Back then you were hot stuff (and probably a drug dealer) if you had a pager and cell phones just didn’t exist. Writing notes was the 80’s equivalent of texting and the total number of notes that passed through my hands in those years would be in the thousands. I pulled one out at random to share, I have transcribed it below with added commentary. While she took great care to include the time and class period that the note was written I have no clue the year, probably 1987.

Hello Niki,

I know what ya mean, yent sounds pretty dumb. (I have no clue what yent is, but I agree it sounds pretty dumb) I was going to tell ya but ya know me, I forgot.

I almost went to the game yet I had a soccer game the next day. (If there is one thing I remember about Courtney it is she always had a soccer game the next day)

Jenny’s a little fucking liar. (Notice the abrupt change in tone, classic junior high behavior) In Sachi’s slam book (please tell me I’m not the only one who knows what a slam book is, please) Jenny said she was born on Feb. 13, 1974. She was born in 1975 but she’s so embarrassed that she’s so young and immature. (I bet Jenny is damn glad to to be “so young” now) Jennifer and I changed the 4 into a 5. Then when it asked who her buddys are she had erased me, Becky and Jennifer. So, I crossed her out in bright red pen on my list of buddys so that she would notice.

Who is Micheal Hughes? (Oh, where to begin…this is hilarious)

I went to Beckys party and saw Pretty in Pink and American Anthem, they were ok. (I love that Pretty in Pink was “ok”)

I’m going to see Stand By Me not this weekend but the one after that cause I’m at my dads that weekend. (I thought Courtney was super cool because her parents were divorced. A lot of my friends parents were divorced but she was the only one I knew that regularly went back and forth between two different houses which in my 13 year old mind was nothing short of world travel)

Well gotta go